Myers of Keswick


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1972: Peter Myers arrives in New York City on what was supposed to be a short holiday. Little did he know that it would soon become his new home.

1973: No longer on “Holiday”, Peter realized he would need to find a job. He found work as a bartender at the Bells of Hell, a friendly watering hole for expat's. Within a short time, he became one of the Landlords.


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1975: A few years in New York and Peter was now settled. He married Irene Haber. The city was now his home, but he often thought of Keswick.

1978: Peter and Irene have daughter Jennifer. His father Tom, decided to come for a six-week visit. Tom quickly grew bored of city life so to pass time, he began making Sausage Rolls and Cornish Pasties – items that were made daily at the family butcher shop in Keswick (that had since closed). These savory treats would be given out during “Happy Hour.”


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1982: The Bells of Hell closes

1983: Peter remembers how popular the passed pies were at happy hour. He does some research and meets a trade rep from the British Consulate who informed him that there were some 250,000 British ex-pats in the Tri-State Area. Thus, the seed was planted.

Peter begins catering to restaurants out of his home kitchen. As one can imagine in a New York apartment, things grew crowded and business seemed to be growing quickly


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1985: After realizing that the only way to properly grow, was to find the perfect location. The West Village seemed like the perfect fit. It was close to home, had that neighborhood feel, and – even better – it was within walking distance of the Meat Market. Within months, Peter and his wife Irene found the perfect shop. It had an old feel to it, with its black and white tiled floors, an old drinks refrigerator, and a display cabinet that reminded Peter of the family butchers shop back home in Keswick. So, on July 4, 1985, Peter and Irene Myers opened Myers of Keswick at 634 Hudson Street. On that day, they sold 1 Pork Pie. Irene was devastated and thought, “What have we done?” The next day Peter looked encouragingly at his wife and said, “see, I told you we would double profits in one day”.... they had sold two Pork Pies. And so Myers of Keswick would continue to grow…


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2007: Jennifer marries her college sweetheart, Paul Pulidore

2008: Jennifer and Paul begin the process of taking over the family business.

2019: Peter Retires to England.

Today, the shop continues to grow at a steady pace. Peter still visits NY to see Paul, Jenny and his 3 granddaughters. He still likes to help Jennifer with new product ideas and will always remain the face of Myers of Keswick. After all, it is Peter that made Myers of Keswick the shop it is today.


Jennifer hopes to grow the business in terms of Internet sales and expand into wholesale.  Everyday is a new adventure and together, Peter and Jennifer learn how to handle the everyday life of a family business, something that remains a way of life in their family.

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