Cadbury Egg Hunt Pack

Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Egg Hunt 317g

  • Approx 22 hollow eggs

With delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk eggs, plus a pack of scrumptious, crunchy Mini Eggs, it’s the perfect selection for an egg hunt at home!


  • Hide with Alexa
  • First You Hide Them, Then They Find Them
  • Try our new Hide and Find voice skill to hide with Alexa this Easter!
  • Hide and Find is a voice-activated Easter egg hunt for the whole family. Solve clever clues from Amazon Alexa to find hidden treats around the house and garden. Scan this QR code or visit to set up your egg hunt.
  • On hunt day, start by hiding your delicious Cadbury eggs in the places you picked. When you're ready to start the hunt, just say "Alexa, start the Easter Egg Hunt" and solve the clues to find your eggs.
  • If you don't have a voice-assistant, you can also play via the website.
  • 1 Set up your game online at
  • 2 Hide your eggs
  • 3 Solve the clues on your personalised hunt with Amazon Alexa or online
  • 4 Find the eggs!

    • 100% Sustainably Source Cocoa
    • Suitable for vegetarians